Math Winks

This page is dedicated to Math Winks! These quickie videos will be short and mathtastic! Enjoy! 

Make 10 Game

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Doubles Cubes for 6, 7, 8, and 9!
Come see it an action! Click the pic!

Doubles and Doubles Plus One 
Games. Quick and Easy!


  1. We have played Go Fish with partners to 10! My students love it. This is another great way to practice! Thanks for the idea. : )

    1. They can't get enough of this game! Hope yours love it, too!

  2. Love both games... and just what I needed to find this last week of school... your posts live on! Thanks! Kathleen at Kidpeople Classroom

  3. As a visual learner, I can't thank you enough for the videos. I appreciate your willingness to share your ideas. Thank you.

    1. Oh my goodness, me too!!! I wish TPT offered videos for some of the cool packets they have!!

  4. Help! For some reason I can't play your videos on either my computer or iPad. I live in British Columbia, Canada. Is there something I have to do in order to play them. I would love to see the games in action since this is exactly what I am doing right now with my class.


Thank you for your comments. Words matter. :)


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