My Favorite Veteran

My favorite Dad.
He does not talk about Vietnam. I used to not understand why, but as the years have passed, I figured it out. Makes me sad. He has many reasons, but I am certain of one~he lost his only brother there. I know he still suffers terrible war memories, along with the aches and pains.

I always discuss Veterans Day with my class and my little guy. Veterans are heroes. Soldiers that came home 80 years ago, 40 years ago, or 2 days ago. They are all heroes. 

This is my favorite (and very appropriate) Veterans Day read.
If you are looking for fun Veterans Day paper and a word box to go along with it, check out Candau's Crew! She does amazing work and this is a freebie!
Another fab resource is Wonderopolis. I'll be sharing this with my class and my guy. It has vocab, a short video, and explains the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day. 
Do you have a Veteran in your life? Please share their name and let them know we appreciate their service! 
Happy Veterans Day to my Dad, and the estimated 22 million other Veterans in the United States! 


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