Mo, Mo, Mo Willems

Do you know Mo? Mo Willems? The MO WILLEMS? As in, the guy who created Elephant and Piggie, Pigeon, Knufflebunny, and more! See the sidebar for more---->

I LOVE HIS WORK! I mean that. I love, love, love his stories. I love introducing them to readers, giving them as presents to new parents or as birthday gifts, sharing them during workshops, and most of all-I love reading them with T!
I love the illustrations. I love the humor. I love the fun characters. (A little obsessive, I know!)

When I asked T what his favorite Mo Willems book is, he said, "Don't Let Pigeon Drive the Bus." I love that one, too. But I think my favorites are Elephant and Piggie. So hard to decide! 

We met Mo Willems last week at an event hosted by Little Shop of Stories. I was thrilled to hear the author himself read Don't Let Pigeon Drive the Bus AND his new book, That Is Not a Good Idea
My PIC, myself, and MO!
You know I love an author with an awesome website and Mo has that, too! Man, the whole package! Click here to check it out and share it with a kid you love! There are even a few freebies-like How to Draw Pigeon!!

What is your favorite Mo Willems' book? 

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