Dental Health and Your Average Preschooler

Wait....please change that to above average! Ha! 

February is Dental Health month, at least it was the last time I checked! T and I are celebrating by reading a few tooth friendly stories. If you have a preschooler, you know that brushing one's teeth is not always a favored chore! We sing songs, have fancy toothpaste, do spit dances and use the brush as a wand, but nothing seems to work. He either really wants to brush his teeth or he really doesn't. (That is how I feel about a few things, too!)  This book is, by far, his favorite brushing book! 
Does a Lion Brush?: Early Experiences
The story is short, perfect for our newly 3 years old attention span. It gives directions on brushing your teeth and I did a little ad-libbing there! The pictures are great! Does a Lion Brush? is about $7 on Amazon, but if purchased at a local bookstore, it comes with a free smile! 

As for me, I love  Wibble Wobble!  William loses his tooth and celebrates with a messy treat that causes another tooth to loosen. This book was meant for 7 and under. It is a fun and silly read that is very relatable! 

Wibble Wobble
February is also the month of love! We are going to share a few love books soon, but I had to share the craft I saw on Pinterest! We stopped at Dollar Tree on the way home from school and bought a pack of red plates. The first one was a dud, but the 2nd was a huge success. Next time, I will buy white and let him decorate like crazy! 

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