Monday, July 28, 2014

Welcome bags....mustache style!

My friend Julie is an amazing 4th grade teacher in our County! We met a few years ago during grad school and I feel so lucky to keep in touch thanks to Facebook! (Though we really should have a grad school reunion!) 

She posted a picture of her welcome bags on Facebook and I asked if I could please share them here! After much begging and negotiating, she said yes. :)
I mustache you a question.....are you excited about 4th grade?
Enjoy your "stash" of goodies! 
 I'm so happy you are in my class! 

How cute are these?!?! 

Here's what Julie used! 
*a template from TPT, but revised and edited to meet her needs
*bookmarks from Really Good Stuff
*pencil, eraser, sucker, other little goodies from Dollar Tree or school store
*personalized magnet with her contact info from Vistaprint
*mustache mints and little mustaches from Hobby Lobby
*mustache tape from Walmart

Are you planning a little something special for your new students? Do tell! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Two Stars and a Wish for Back to School!

Where did summer go? I head back to school TOMORROW!! That's right, tomorrow, as in yes, it is still July! Of course, I've been thinking about back to school here and there all summer! 
I'm excited to be a part of the Two Stars and Wish blog hop and would like to share a couple of back to school themed ideas! These are all perfect for any grade level!
Get rid of the email monsters!
I know this sounds silly, but if your County's email system is anything like ours, there is not much storage! I save time before school starts by weeding out the unwanted emails and archiving the ones I need to keep! I like to start the year with very few emails in the box! 

Start a Remind account for your class! I LOVE REMIND! It is an absolutely free app (you can also use online) that allows you to text the parents in your class. It is a one way text and parents are not able to reply. I am no way affiliated with Remind, just happen to be their number one fan!
Here's why I LOVE it~
1. You can preschedule texts ahead of time! I type in reminders of dates I know months ahead of time! You can do it in your jammies!
2. You can send a text to the whole class or just certain parents. 
3. You can send photos! I attach pictures of classroom anchor charts, kid's projects, and sometimes just fun pictures of my firsties!
4. You can attach documents! Newsletter? Sure! School bulletin?  Yep!
5. It is free. Did I mention it is free?!? wish for back to school. As mom to the cutest kindergartener EVER, my goal for back to school is to be mommy. Mommy is my very most important job! Everything else will fall into place! 

I hope you all have an amazing back to school season! 

For more star ideas from more than 40 different bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic that interests you.

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