Letting Kids Sort It Out

I have a guest post up on the International Reading Association's site, Reading Online Today! EEEK! It's my first one with them and it is a little glimpse into my classroom! The article is all about how my students have ownership of our classroom library. It makes me smile just thinking about it! 

I love the IRA! I attend their conferences (amazing PD,) present regionally with them, can't get enough of their articles, AND love their amazing Twitter chats! 

Click on the pictures or HERE to read the article and share the reading love!! 

Winter Break Funny

This is funny as a teacher AND as a kindergarten mommy! T is fired up friend! Fired up!! 

Have a great Wednesday! 

What We're Reading Sunday

This week I'm sharing our favorite holiday reads. T picked a couple and I picked a couple!
We love the original Pete the Cat books! He loves Pete and seeing Pete in the Santa hat sealed the deal. We are so lucky Santa brought this to us one year! 
Another favorite of T's is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. He still gets upset when Rudolph isn't allowed to join the reindeer games. I hope he always has this heart. 

Now for mommy's turn! 
If you have not read Silver Packages, PLEASE do yourself the favor. It is just beautiful. I read it to T every year and to my first graders and I cry every time. They are happy tears though, I promise!! 

We have three versions of this story and I love them all! I even love all of the other books written to follow the pattern of this classic story. I'm a fan! 

This list could go on and on, but I'll stop here! We are busy making our book wishlists and goodies for my first graders! T is such a great helper! 

What is your favorite holiday read for your family?

Caine's Arcade #STEM

Did your class participate in Caine's Arcade Cardboard Challenge? If not, it's not too late!

This is our second year creating games with recycled materials. My first graders did not disappoint! They created amazing games that actually worked! Our County video crew came out and taped the engineers in action. I'm proud. I'll just say it....I'm proud! 

We have genius hour every week and I'm learning a lot from my students. They are taking chances, making changes, and becoming problem solvers. 
*Note to self, love that hair!
Learn more about Caine's arcade by clicking HERE and to see our class in action, click HERE

Have you done any fun STEM projects lately? Do tell! 


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