A First Grader, A One Year Old, & The Georgia Aquarium

We were invited to the Georgia Aquarium over Spring Break to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. What a treat!
I knew the area would be packed with out of town visitors, so we arrived early on a Sunday with a plan in mind! T and I visited the Georgia Aquarium site and put a loose schedule together for our day! High on his list was a visit to see the NEW Sea Lion show and of course, all of the touch tanks! 

We started with trips through River Scout and Cold Water Quest. We were watching the clock though so we could be in line for the Sea Lion show! 
While only about 20 minutes, the show was great. The trainers spoke about the sea lions, their habitats, their food choices, their strength (WOW!) and the Aquarium's conservation efforts. But was it T's favorite part of our full day? Keep reading!
After touch tanks, more touring and oohing and ahhing, we took a walking break with the 4D movie-Happy Feet! Again, the length was perfect for our seven year old and the content was fun and educational. From here, we decided it was time for a snack! The aquarium has added several options for snacks since our visit last year. We were impressed! 
Our next stop was a trip back to the belugas we had seen earlier in the day. T needed to see them "one more time mommy." I don't blame him. They are so beautiful and playful. I am a fan. We then went back to see the Africa penguins, because really, who couldn't use a little more penguin in their lives? Did you know you can check out the penguins from home on their webcams? My class is super excited about this Georgia Aquarium feature!
We went through the tunnel o' fish (not the real name, but that's what T called it) and M was mesmerized. Watching the boys watch the animals was a highlight for me. It's just sweet. While this was big hit with both of the boys, it still wasn't T's favorite part! I was shocked!!
Do you see the diver giving a thumbs up behind him? T thought that was soooo cool!
We went on the Ocean Voyager and saw the belugas being fed, visited even more touch tanks, and learned several new fun facts about some of our favorite creatures.  But was this our little scientist's biggest hit of the day? Not quite.
Another fun feature are these little "mini-experiences" around the aquarium. You can take selfies and have them emailed to yourself of shared on social media. Needless to say, we took advantage of this activity!
We really wanted to see the Dolphin Show because it has been revamped for summer, but M was maxed out! I have heard rave reviews of the new performance that really showcases the dolphin talent! Next time!

As you can see, they have really made some upgrades to the Aquarium. I have always enjoyed our visits,  but I feel like our customer experience (including the super friendly staff inside) was so amazing this time. They are ROCKING their 10th Anniversary and they want us to help them celebrate! Check out their special offers page for deals and start planning your visit now! 

Learn more by keeping up with the Georgia Aquarium on FB, IG, and Twitter!

But really, what did T say his favorite part of our day was? 
My favorite part was the Sea Lion show. I've just never seen anything like that before and I learned why they are in danger. It was really cool and Scout made me smile. 

There you have it! I wonder what your favorite part will be? 

What We're Reading Sunday

Thank you checking out our (almost) weekly post, What We're Reading Sunday!

Keeping it real, friends. Want to know what I've been reading? Family Fun, All You, and Time. I have been in the mood for short and satisfying reads and I love it! I haven't had the time to commit to a long read and that's ok. I even told my class about it! I've stumbled upon a Halloween craft, a recipe that I saved but will likely never prepare, and a bed and breakfast in Savannah that I truly hope to visit one day! That is some mighty fine reading! 

As for T, we are reading a book in the Magic Bone series together. It is cracking him up and that makes his reader heart happy.
He is all about this Sports Illustrated Kids Puzzle book, too. He loves a good challenge!
He is also still obsessed with Who Would Win books and I don't blame him. I learn something new every time I read one! 
Baby M is reading whatever T reads. He sits and grabs the book, gnaws the edges, and hits T's knees. It is pretty sweet. 

What are YOU reading?

Franken Freebie!

I'm guest posting on The Primary Peach today! Come see and be sure to enter the $50 giveaway AND grab some awesome freebies!!
Happy almost Hump Day!

What We're Reading Sunday

Thank you for checking out our (almost) weekly post, What We're Reading Sunday!

Of all the teacher books I have read in the last, I'm going to say year, this one is the one I recommend most. In fact, I'm going to put it all out there and say that if you teach reading K-5, you should get this book. Right now. Like, don't wait. Meet The Reading Strategies Book Jennifer Serravallo.
I sat down to write out my lesson plans for small groups and felt so empowered flipping through the pages of the book. There are 3 chapters just on informational reading and the layout is the most teacher friendly I have EVER seen. It has everything you need to plan groups and even whole group lessons as needed. If the Units of Study are your body, you need this book as your legs! 

This book was written for me. It was written for teachers by someone who gets us-Jennifer Serravallo. I love her other books, too (see below) but this one is hands down my favorite. Maybe it is because this is filling a current void for me. Maybe it is the easy to use format. Maybe it is because I can use this book for years to come, no matter what grade I'm teaching! 
Come friends, see for yourself....
 Each section has strategy, genres, levels it is appropriate for, teacher language, and a visual. There are also tips, too. 
You can't borrow this one. You can't share it with your teacher bestie. You need your own. I just told a friend that she must buy it for her new teacher daughter.  We need this book. Our kids, our readers, need us to have this book. Our visual teacher brains need this book!

If you do pick up this $40ish treasure (worth every penny,) let me know what you think!


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