Big Hero 6 Printables!

We are movie people. We LOVE family movie night whether it be at home or at the theater! We had been counting the days until Disney's Big Hero 6 was released and we went opening weekend. We were not disappointed!

In fact, we loved it. I cried once twice ok, three times. T cried zero times. I questioned if he had a heart or soul. I was actually comforted when several of my students said they did not cry but their moms did! One of my students admitted to tears. He quickly became my favorite. HA! 

If you have a Big Hero 6 fan around the house, check out these free printables. One is an origami Baymax and the other is just a fun coloring page. 

Have you seen it yet? Do tell.....did you cry?

Six Flags Holiday in the Park

If you are near Atlanta or heading this way for the holidays, plan on making a stop at Six Flags! Yes, Six Flags in the cold months! For the first year, Six Flags is opening the park for holiday fun, starting on November 22nd and running all the way to January 4th. The hours vary depending on the day you visit and the cost is around $40 per person until the end of November (order tickets early to save!)

We attended the preview event and loved hearing the President of Six Flags praise his staff and then light the beautiful tree! 
Wondering if the event is family friendly? YES! T is 5 and had a blast while our friends with tweens had an equally amazing time! 

We rode the train to the North Pole and visited Santa! Needless to say, that was a big hit for us!

We also loved all of the holiday decor! The entire park was covered in lights and beautiful winter scenes. We squinted our eyes and loved every minute of it! 
We went ahead and wrote a letter to Santa, too. Coke is sponsoring a great little space for letter writing and even has the mailbox right inside!
Six Flags Holiday in the Park made me a little nervous. I'm a fan of cold weather, but mainly because I get to snuggle up! They knew people like me were coming though! They had warming stations all over the park and fire pits, too! 
While not all rides are open (see list HERE) the ones we wanted to ride were wide open and many were even decorated for the big event! 
Check out Holiday in the Park, especially the annual pass deal! If you purchase an annual pass for 2015, you can visit Holiday in the Park for free! Woo hoo! Sounds like an amazing gift too! 

Table for 3...and a half

I am a member of the Everywhere Society and they provided me with this product for review. All thoughts expressed are my own, as always. 

I love this time of year. Fall is just my absolute favorite! Fall is when I fell in love. Fall is when I can bundle up and look at the beautiful changing leaves. Fall is apple picking. Fall is roasted pecans. Fall is Thanksgiving. Fall is family time. 

Though it is my favorite time of year, we do not load up on decorations for Thanksgiving. We pretty much tear down the Halloween decor in a whirlwind and put up the fall wreath my sister made for us years ago.  We put a few other pieces here and there. It is simple and happy...just the way I like it.

This year though, I've added a special piece to our fall decor. In the middle of our beautiful dining table is a Heart of Haiti tobacco leaf tray. It is handcrafted, the perfect size, and absolutely gorgeous. 
A friend came by over the weekend and we chatted over apple cider and cookies. The setting was perfect.....cinnamon smells in the air, laughing and venting, crunchy store bought cookies (just keeping it real,) and the thought that purchasing items through Macy's Heart of Haiti program will help support artisans working to rebuild their lives. 

As you prepare to decorate your table for the holidays or purchase a gift for someone special, check out the items available in the Heart of Haiti collection! They are a gift that truly does keep giving! 

What We're Reading Sunday...Book Fair Edition!

Our school had the Scholastic book fair this week and T was soooo excited! I told him he could pick 2 books. He picked 10. We settled on 4. Here are his picks. They also happen to be what we're reading this week!
He LOVES Magic School Bus! 
I saw this one coming a mile away!
Um, I guess. 
This one reminds me that yes, he is my child. I watched him look through it and then he ran over to me and said, "this one looks really good mommy!" SOLD!

What are you reading?


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