Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Preschooler and 911

I worry a lot. In fact, if I was a character in a book, I might be Wemberly from Kevin Henkes' Wemberly Worried. I was actually getting better...
and then I became a mother. It's like worrying is my full time job and everything else is overtime! 

So when I read the story a few weeks ago about the child saving her parent's life by calling 911, I knew it was time. 

I sat T down on the couch and we had a conversation about emergencies. He knew some, as we have talked before about what we will do if there is an emergency at home or somewhere else. We have plans in place for everything!

We have not talked about 911 though. I asked him if he had heard of it and he said no. I told him that 911 is the phone number for the police. That sparked many questions and I answered all of them. We talked about why someone would call and how the whole thing works. 
Then I handed him my phone and told him to show me how to call someone. He swiped his finger across my iPhone and pushed the phone icon. (I didn't know he knew that!) I then showed him how to push the 9, 1, and 1. I pointed out the green button and told him that would be the button to push next. I cleared it out and then did the whole thing a few more times. 

When N came home, we did the same thing with his phone. We showed him on the house phone, too. (Yes, we still have one of those.)

I'll randomly ask him the number for emergencies just to make sure he remembers. I hope and pray he never needs to dial it, but at least him knowing the number is one less thing I'll have to worry about!

What safety tips do you share with your child, and at what age?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

3rd Graders Are Soooo Funny

While visiting our family in Mobile, I had lunch with the coolest 3rd grader ever, my niece A

Wait, let me backup. Days before this special lunch, I told my sister that I needed to look hip and cool (which is like the opposite of me) when I went to have lunch with A. She was all like, "Well, that's never going to happen." I was all like, "I'm serious." 

After realizing none of my Spring Break beachwear would do the trick, I decided to make a stop at TJMaxx. My dear, sweet little sister rolled her eyes, but joined me anyway. I tried on 17 shirts (or 3-whatever) and finally settled on a cute little green number. I said to her, "Does this make me look hip and cool?" She said, "As close as you are going to get." I high fived the dressing room mirror and skipped along to the car! 

I woke up early that morning, spent time on my hair, and put on my hip and cool green shirt. I asked my mom, N, and T if I looked like a hip and cool aunt. They all said yes. I gave myself a another mental high five and went on my way!
We had a wonderful lunch. We chatted with the other 3rd graders. I loved them! A told her very sweet teacher that I was a great teacher and a blogger and that I do "important stuff." (Seriously should take her everywhere I go AND I should also mention she has never said anything like that about me before. I almost cried. So cheesy, right?) It was a happy aunt moment. 

I was so happy when her teacher said we could walk her back to the room. The hallways were so quiet. The kids so well behaved. It was lovely. I was the hip and cool aunt and A was proud of me, almost as proud as I am of her. I was so happy I could burst! I was walking on clouds I tell you! 

We slowly walked into her classroom. I noticed Daily 5 pieces, books I love, and more. I was admiring their work when a student in A's class looked at her, looked at me and said, "Hey A, is that your grandma?" I looked up, then looked around wondering if my mom was surprising us. No mom. I looked at T, who was laughing so hard he couldn't contain himself. I was stunned. I couldn't believe it. This girl wasn't kidding. She was serious. A said, "No that's my aunt" and went on about her business. T laughed all the way to the car. "Mommy, did you hear what she said? She asked if you were her grandma!!" 

I checked with my sister to see if A had a visually impaired child in her class. I figured that might make sense. She however does not. I asked if she might have lied about her own age and therefore the children thought I was old enough to be her mother. She said no (not sure about that one though.) I asked if she had purposely sent me to school in an unhip and uncool aunt shirt. She assured me she had not. (The verdict is still out on that one, too!)

So, I guess I learned a lesson on my once a year lunch with my niece and it's a good one. It's one I'll remember next time for sure! Hip and cool shirts don't make the aunt, the hip and cool niece does! 


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