Teacher Discount.....from Chevy

I love a teacher discount as much as the next girl! Our friends at Michael's shave a little off every purchase just like my pals at Aerosoles do. It really is a nice teacher perk and I appreciate these companies for being so supportive of teachers and our not so big salaries! 

I did not know until days ago that Chevy offers a teacher discount too AND that it is pretty good! 
From now until early January, current employees in public or private schools, universities or colleges are eligible for a discount on a 2014 or 2015 purchase or lease. I feel certain rules apply, so check out their site for more info! There are lots of fuel efficient options and they really seem to have a vehicle for almost every budget. 
We just recently purchased a large Chevy SUV (with fuel saving features) and we love it. We weren't ready to be minivan people and Chevy was our best choice for space, safety and quality. N researched it for (literally) 2 years. Our next Chevy purchase just might have to be this little number though! HA!
Thanks Chevy for offering a teacher discount! We appreciate you! Friends, please share with the teachers you know!

Kindergarten Homework

T's teacher does monthly homework assignments and at first I was nervous. Not so much for T, but for me. I need a little more accountability in my life than once a month. (Seriously, that's why N pays the bills!) We stick to the week at a glance though and we've been ok....so far! :) 

We complete all of his assignments in this spiral notebook and turn it in each Friday (confession, we just turned it in for the first time last week~I missed skipped that part of the directions!!)

T especially liked these two activities, so I thought I'd share! For practicing sight words, I wrote them and he dabbed them if he read them correctly. He also added his own sound effects with each dab. 
 For "practice writing numerals to 10," I wrote the numbers first and he traced them with his scented yellow marker (#bestmomever.) He said it was lemonicious. He then wrote them by himself in the yellow and then AGAIN with pen across the bottom. He loved it! (Obviously he is my child!)
I know this post is random, but I'm having a mommy win moment. My kid likes doing school stuff and I like keeping it fun. Maybe those things are related. :)

3 Tips for Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Party

We recently made our first trip to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and I think it is safe to say, we will be back! In case you do not know about this super event, the park is open to guests who purchase a separate ticket. There are trick or treat lines throughout the park (clearly marked, too,) a special fireworks show and a very cool Halloween parade. This special event was worth every penny!

3 Tips to Know Before You Go! 

1. Arrive early. The official time is 7:00 PM-12:00 AM, but you can arrive as early as 5:00. We walked through the gate at 6:00 and it was perfect! 

2. Candy bags are provided but you might want to bring your own! Let's just say, we had to replace a bag or two that night! Luckily, there were no candy losses. There are PLENTY of bags available to purchase, too.

3. Everything closes at 12:00, so if you plan on shopping, shop early. We missed the boat on that one....might be a good thing
Do you know what we are? :)
We went on a Friday night and a sold out night, so I expected a pretty big crowd. I was pleasantly surprised! I mean, there were lots of people, but the only line we waited in was for Mine Train. This was the only ride on T's MUST RIDE list. The wait was 30 minutes and he wanted to wait again. (Lots of love for the Mine Train!) The cast member kindly explained that the line moves faster because there are no fast passes at special events. It was great! We rode everything we wanted to ride and then some!

We ate at Casey's (hot dogs and fries) for dinner and watched most of the special Halloween parade. It was awesome, just like our evening. 

Another highlight, seeing people in their costumes. There were kids, parents, grandparents, couples, groups of teenagers, etc and everyone was dressed in their costume or Halloween gear. It really was one big, family party. It was well, very Disney!

Our kids are 5 and 9, but if your lovelies are a little younger, check out this post to convince yourself to take a toddler or two!

Here's a short slideshow with a few highlights of our evening! See you next October (if not sooner) Mickey!

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