Friday, October 24, 2014

The Power of Sending a Card!

You know that day, the couple of days before your birthday, when you open the mailbox and see the envelope? You smile inside and out because you know it is a birthday card. I love that feeling. I love receiving cards in the mail. 

Recently, our family lost two very special people and when I checked the mail, I smiled and cried a little inside each time. Day after day there were cards. There were cards from near and far away, cards from people I worked with ten years ago, cards from folks we went to college with, cards from people we work with now, cards from friends and neighbors, and parents of students I've taught. It was overwhelming and it never got old. N and I sat and read every card, occasionally rubbing our fingers over the fronts of the cards, almost like they were pictures of our loved ones.

So here we are with our piles of cards. I have decided to place them carefully in a box right near our wedding cards and baby cards. I know it sounds silly, but these cards, these words written to us by the amazing people in our lives are treasures. I will likely not revisit them, but I'll know they are there and something about that makes me feel happy, loved, peaceful even. 

Are you a cardkeeper, too? If so, maybe we could start a club! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Twitter for Teachers

The Fall issue of Scholastic's Instructor Magazine is all about technology! As a HUGE fan of Twitter, I was thrilled to contribute to the "Powerful PD--in 140 Characters (or Fewer)" article! 
Read the article HERE
There are lots of great articles this month, too! I learned a lot about flipped classrooms and discovered several apps that I want to try!! 

If you do not subscribe to Instructor, you totally should! It is a great, quick read with many resources for grades K-8! It is also FREE if you are a red apple teacher through Scholastic book clubs. 

If you are on Twitter, follow me @lyssareads and I'll follow back! My favorite educators to follow are in the article, too! 

Tweet you later! #suchageek


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