Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Countdown to School Puzzle!

We try to do something each year to build excitement and lessen anxiety at book to school time. (Again, mostly for mommy!) 

We loved this countdown to school puzzle and making it was a snap! 
Post by Astrobrights.
Print your own template at DLTK for FREE! :)
Has your countdown to school already started?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Type A! That's Me!

Have you ever been to a blogger conference? They are amazing! I attended my first conferences last year and now I am hooked! 
I'm so excited to be partnering with Type A Parent this year! Type A was my very first conference and I learned soooo much. In fact, as a newbie, I learned the questions I needed to ask. This was HUGE for me! There is something for everyone! You don't have to be a parent. You don't have to know what is going on (points finger to self.) You just have to show up and learn. LOVE! I learned about great pictures, Pinterest tips, SEO, and more! My brain was in overload!
Friend, Leticia Barr, talking tech!
I hope you will join us this year in Atlanta for fun, learning, networking, and connecting with brands. 
Did I mention Disney is a sponsor? Who doesn't love Disney??
If you want to come AND save a few bucks? Click HERE and enter the code BLOGPARTNER to save 25% on your ticket! This is a great deal and is only available for 24 hours! 

Have questions, please ask! :)


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